Do you have food science study notes that you have created? Maybe they are just sitting there not doing anything. Let us help you put them to work! Sell them to us. We will share them with other food science students to help them excel in their classes. You retain copyright ownership of your documents.

Make Money Now by Taking These 3 Simple Steps

  1. Send us a digital copy of your study notes to review. Email to
  2. Get an approval decision within 24 hours
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What Topics Are We Interested In?

  1. Food science
  2. Food processing
  3. Unit operation
  4. Food packaging
  5. Food safety
  6. Food laws
  7. Food engineering
  8. Food microbiology
  9. Food chemistry
  10. Human nutrition

What Documents Can You Upload?

  1. Class summaries
  2. Exam/quiz/homework solutions
  3. Essays
  4. Illustrations
  5. Mnemonics
  6. Guides
  7. Manuals
  8. Short MP4 video or audio clips of you explaining a concept
  9. Other approved documents

Conditions for Approval

For approval, all documents MUST

  • Be owned by you
  • Be in one of the specified subject areas outlined above
  • Be deemed as high-quality and high-value
  • Not be available elsewhere for free