What We Need

Submit your food science blog articles for review and publication on our site. We are looking for high-quality articles that explain a food science concept or provide unique solutions that can help anyone working in the food industry.

How You Earn

  1. You send us a digital copy of your article or study notes by emailing admin@cwsimons.com
  2. We review your article
  3. We inform you of our decision and make an offer within 48 hours
  4. You accept our offer
  5. We deposit your funds in your PayPal account within 24 hours.

What Topics Are We Interested In?

  1. Food science
  2. Food processing technology
  3. Food processing unit operations
  4. Food packaging
  5. Food safety
  6. Food laws
  7. Food engineering
  8. Food microbiology
  9. Food chemistry
  10. Human nutrition

Conditions for Approval

For approval, all articles must:

  • Be at least 2000 words
  • Be well-written (easy to read, informative, and engaging)
  • Be free from plagiarism
  • Include relevant citations
  • Be in Word format
  • Not be available for free on any other digital platform